About Us

S Confectioner & Patisserie is the answer to your search for show-stopping cakes, high quality pastries and breads. We just don’t make cakes… we create excellent products exacting standards making sure that our cakes leave a ‘Wow!’ on our customers’ lips.
We are focused on things that make a lasting culinary impression… product innovation; quality; consistency; improving our customer experience. We create our offerings using only high quality base ingredients. All our products are made fresh and from scratch at our facility in Kathmandu.
Our philosophy is simple: We believe in offering fresh, quality, healthy, crafted goodness that is kind on your wallet. Add into that a little bit of creativity, innovative touches to traditional recipes and a dedicated kitchen team, and you are sure to find that we’ve managed to create something magical to your taste.
We enjoy going that extra mile to create cakes that are tailor-made for you, no matter what the occasion is because we genuinely love what we are doing. And we make sure you not only have unforgettable desserts but that you are just as impressed with the level of service that is served up with it.
Go ahead and indulge yourself with these amazing products, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.
Thank you for visiting, and we hope to see you at our cafe soon!
S Confectioner & Patisserie